September 2017

Ipswich Country Market

         on Thursdays


10 15 am and 11 30 am


We look forward to seeing you at


Rushmere Village Hall


Humber Doucy Lane,






Free entry – all welcome


We are a co-operative market selling genuinely

home produced foods, plants and crafts.

Our update section –

This is where we will notify you if we ever have to

cancel the market or to inform you of special

activities we will be having, such as taster days….

so keep an eye on the website.




September marks “BRITISH FOOD

FORTNIGHT” in our calendar, from 23rd

September to 8th October.  


We sell local food from local producers and

we’re on hand to tell you what’s in all of our

recipes.  The garden flowers, plants and

produce on offer are picked fresh from our

producers’ gardens.


Alexia Robinson, organiser of British Food

Fortnight says “Today’s customer wants

value when they are shopping or eating

out and value is no longer just about price.

Increasingly people want tasty, fresh,

healthy, seasonal, local and regionally

distinct foods with visible tracability

back to the producer – all distinctive

qualities of British food.” 


This is what we offer, so why not pop

along and “love British food”?  You can also

love British craft too and find a large,

varied range of locally handmade items,

including sewing, knitting, beadwork and

a selection of handmade cards. 


We follow our motto – cook – craft -grow.  


We sell an array of food. Why not try our

sausage rolls and pork pies served with one

of our many home made chutneys?  We also

have quiche, cheese straws, pizzas and scones.  

Our freshly baked bread could be topped with

our homemade jam or local honey and we

have a large variety of cakes, individual or

loaf types to finish off with.  What a really

wonderful picnic these would make……  


Our crafters also offer variety.  If the sun

keeps on shining you may need some

protection with a sun hat, available in all sizes

from kids to adults.  You might also need a

beaded cover for your glass to stop flies

spoiling your drink.  We have other practical

items from aprons to peg bags, along with gift

items like beaded jewellery too.  We offer

unique handmade cards and gift bags and

boxes.  Don’t forget – we are happy to take

your personal and individual orders.  


Each week our gardeners have flowers and

freshly picked vegetables.  Soft fruits are now

available and some are being turned into new

season jam by our cooks.  These are all free of

artificial additives.    


You may also be interested to know that we

sell local free range eggs from hens, ducks

and bantams and you can order these along

with many other items, to collect in the weeks

ahead to suit you.


Ipswich Country Market is 33 years young this

May and two of our members have been baking

right from the start!  Originally, we were called

a Women’s Institute market and our skills are

based on those traditions and high standards.  

Imagine how good our produce is with all that



We are part of a wider network of about 300

Country Markets across England, Wales and the

Channel Islands which have been selling

homemade baked goods, preserves, garden

grown fruit and vegetables, plants and

handmade crafts for more than 90 years!


We are more than happy to tell you what’s in

our food; in fact, we are proud to do so!  You

can ask us what’s in our recipes, whether you

want to check for food allergens or know how

something is made.


We pride ourselves on personal service.  So

remember, we can make cakes for any special

occasion – come and have a chat with us.


Your market needs you…..  

Our logo says “Cook, craft, grow”.

Our customers appreciate home made and

home grown items and we would welcome new

members to fulfil this need.  If you would like to

join our team, please get in touch.  


Call in and make yourself known – we look

forward to meeting you.


All items can be ordered in advance so that you

never need to be disappointed or without your

favourite food.


Gluten free products are available.  These are

proving very popular, so come and buy some.

You can order gluten free products too.


 The Ipswich Country Market was established 33 years ago.  

It is the ideal place to buy freshly made home baked sweet and

savoury dishes. 

Throughout the year there is a range of cakes, buns and

biscuits along with breads, pies and an assortment of

meat dishes.  

There are seasonal items of baking available too.


We also have a wide variety of jams, marmalades,

chutneys, pickles and honey.  

We now offer a range of gluten-free

products.  Come and meet the producer and find out more.


Reduce your food miles –

all of our food is freshly made locally and contains no


All our producers who cook for the Country Market

have food safety training and our hygiene standards

are second to none.

We offer fruit and vegetables in season,

along with plants and flowers.


There is always a wide selection of beautiful

hand made crafts, ranging from jewellery to knitwear,

modern fashion bags to hand made greetings cards –

you will always be able to find a special gift.

Why not take advantage of our hamper service?  

Just tell us what you would like and we will make up

a hamper to your specific requirements,

making this the ideal gift for family and friends.  


Each week you can place an order to reserve your choice

of products for collection at the following week’s

Country Market.

Enjoy a friendly drink and chat.  

We serve teas, coffees, soft drinks and cakes

during the market so you have the chance

to chat to the producers as well as friends old and new.  

On the first Thursday of each month we have bacon rolls

on sale too.  New items keep appearing from the kitchen.  

Be the first to try what come next……..


Did you know that you can host a Country Market

at your event?  If you are organising an event,

why not invite us to come along and set up

a Country Market for your visitors. 


We look forward to seeing you and your friends one Thursday

morning soon.


Ipswich Country Market is one of ten Country Markets

in East Suffolk and is part of the Country Market network

covering England, Wales and the Channel Islands.  

There are over 450 local markets forming a nationwide

co-operative enterprise, providing a retail outlet for

marketeers to sell their high quality, homemade food

and other products.